We believe in making the world a little more sustainable.

We believe in making the world a little more sustainable.


Yamaton Paper GmbH was founded back in 2000 and has been established on the market for over 20 years. The company is part of the Yamaton Group.


The company is headquartered in Rostock. In 2017/18, Yamaton Paper GmbH invested in its own new production site with an area of 9,000 m² in the city area.


The quality criteria are based on the following certifications: ISO 9001:2015, AEO and FSC® (FSC® C141400). Others are in planning.


The company continuously invests in the expansion of the site as well as in machinery, equipment and technologies. We are helping to shape the future.

Once across Germany.

We have 472,532 meters
of liner in inventory.

This will enable us to roll out a paper carpet from Zwickau to Saarbrücken.

Green solutions with the help of nature

Our goal: to produce more environmentally sustainable packaging, transport/shipping and construction solutions for a wide range of industries.

The combination of paper honeycomb cells and paper cover layers creates alternative, environmentally friendly solutions to materials such as EPS, PVC, plastics, foam materials and even wood.

The basis is always the load-bearing hexagonal cell structure of paper, adopted from the natural structure of the honeycomb.

Our solutions have many names:

Hexagon Honeycomb Boards // Paper Boards // Honeycomb Core Boards // Die Cutting Boards // Paper Boards // Honeycomb Boards…

…and the crazy thing is that there is no such thing as standard with us.

The versatility of the material and the variety of combinations makes it possible to create almost any shape that serves the exterior or interior protection.

When it comes to protection, it may surprise you how successful a lightweight champion can be.

The area of our production covers 7,500 m².

This is roughly equivalent to a soccer field or the area of the ‘Neuer Markt’ in Rostock.

After years of sustained growth, the way ahead has long been clear for us. ‘Go green’ is a must. Society, the European Commission, industry and consumers are increasingly focusing on an ecological circular economy.

For ecological reasons, our solutions are increasingly being used as substitutes for previously common solutions. More than 50 employees work to tailor quality products in accordance with customer requirements.

In addition to quality criteria such as ISO 9001:2015 or FSC® (FSC® C141400) certification, the company relies on fair and cooperative partnerships with logistic partners, service providers, regional networks and institutes.

We are a member of EMPHA (European Manufacturers Paper Honeycomb Association) and enjoy being part of a steadily growing market segment in Europe.

And: we are continuing to grow. Further investments in the expansion of our facilities and technologies are imminent in the coming years.

Ecological circular economy, sustainable solutions - the trend is clear

Our machinery weighs as much as 16 full-grown
redwood trees.

This is more than 40 tons.

We are happy to be the partner that is by your side

Through our many years of experience, customers value us as a competent partner when it comes to developing new solutions or implementing their ideas.

And precisely because the products are not standard, but custom-made, it is important to be able to rely on very good service. Fast order processing and short delivery times are what set us apart.

After more than twenty years of expertise in honeycomb technology, we are still seeing new applications for paper honeycomb boards.

In addition to our individual and personal customer service, we offer joint workshops and product training to develop the best solution for our customers.

We develop green
solutions from
recyclable paper.

We are a
FSC® - certified company
(FSC® C141400).

We use our
internal resources

We use our papers
as efficiently as possible.

We pay attention to the
environmental compatibility
of our glues.

Our residual papers go back
to the paper mill and
become paper again.