Ecologically sustainable solutions: We are your partner for packaging, shipping, transport and construction.

Packaging should be completely recyclable by 2030. Reusable or recyclable: this is the way of the future.

That is how packaging
makes sense:
Plastic free. 100% recyclable. Lightweight and stable. Individually for you.

We believe in making the world a little more sustainable.

Plastic free & 100% recyclable.

Our portfolio includes versatile solutions made of paper honeycomb boards. 100% recyclable. They replace raw materials such as PVC, plastics, foam materials or wood.

Lightweight and stable.

We offer paper solutions in combination with the honeycomb core. Hardly any other comparable material enables such high strength in relation to weight.

Individually for you.

We advise you individually. According to your requirements, because our solutions enrich the quality of your product portfolio.

From nature for nature.

Since 2000, we have been trusted to provide more environmentally sustainable paper solutions for a wide range of industries. The basis: the sustainable hexagonal cell structure of paper, adopted from the architectural wonder of natural honeycombs.

We offer you the appropriate advice and solutions for

Our customers are satisfied

The customer portfolio is diverse: the automotive and furniture industries, the packaging and textile industries, pharmaceuticals, trade, transport and logistics, and the construction industry from Germany and Europe are among the regular customers.

Our principles

Service & Transparency

We act in the way that we ourselves value: friendly, fairly and competently. Quality and customer orientation are close to our hearts, this is where we make a clear promise. We want to be respected as a trustworthy and reliable partner.

Sustainability & Contribution

We focus on the sustainability of our products: 100% recyclability - in other words, a minimal ecological footprint. As a team, each of us makes a personal contribution to the success of the company because we believe in what we do. And like to help others who contribute just as we do.

Openness & Appreciation

We deal with each other openly, fairly and appreciatively – in our team and with our partners. Feedback is important to us. We are happy to take responsibility for our economic region and strengthen regional partnerships and networks.

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