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On this page you will find questions and answers about Yamaton packaging, honeycomb core products, Honeycomb and our services. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call us or contact us by e-mail.

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We produce our products according to customer-specific requirements in many possible dimensions. We do not have a classic ‘standard’.

Width: standard 1200 mm, maximum 1500 mm, suitable cuts are possible

Length: maximum 6000 mm for sheets or 4000 mm for strips/cuts

Thickness: minimum 8-10 mm, maximum 135 mm, by gluing several paper honeycomb panels can also be higher.

Our minimum purchase quantity for one order is:

  • 100 m² for our Honeycomb products with existing standard raw materials
  • 3 pallets for our edge protection (packing height of the pallet: minimum 80 cm and maximum 150 cm depending on the nature of your desired product)

Due to the different combination possibilities (cell size, cell height, cover layers), we calculate the products on a customer-specific basis depending on the desired delivery quantity and delivery location. Please feel free to contact our customer service.

Of course: we will accept the number of your requested samples in small quantities and calculate these by a sample flat rate.

We cannot give you one answer here. The surface load capacity and flexibility of our boards depend on the desired compressive strength and flexural rigidity. These turn out differently depending on the combination of raw materials used. We have honeycomb boards with different cell sizes and cell heights as well as different face papers/liners in stock and combine the materials to your requirements.

Our paper honeycomb boards can only be loaded over their entire surface. The weight should be distributed over the entire board to avoid a pressure point load.

Our products are made of paper and are hygroscopic, they absorb and release moisture.

Part of the preliminary order discussions is to discuss your custom die cutting tool.

This involves a one-time tooling cost. The customized tool is your property. We maintain, service, repair and insure the tool stored with us for you for a small tool care fee.

We source our raw materials from the EU and other countries. If you are planning to reship your goods to other countries, please feel free to contact us about our origin material and any possible effects on your export.

We are an FSC® – certified company (FSC® C141400) and apply the FSC® transfer system. For the production of FSC® – certified materials only FSC® raw or semi-finished materials are used and there is no mixing with non-certified materials. As our production is carried out on an order-by-order basis, you should explicitly state your wish for FSC® -certified goods before confirming your order.

We exclusively manufacture honeycomb core products (Honeycomb) based on the hexagonal cell structure of the honeycomb. In addition, we offer edge protection products made of solid board as well as products combined from both processes, such as pallet lids.

Due to the custom-made products, we do not produce in stock and do not keep a warehouse.

Depending on the capacity utilization of the production, our delivery times are about 6 weeks.

We supply our products to the whole EU and EFTA (European Free Trade Association).

No problem: delivery bill and pallet bill can be created neutrally by us. Of course, we can also use your documents if you wish.

As we source raw materials from the EU as well as from third countries, we cannot issue you a long-term supplier’s declaration (according to §62 UZK-IA). Please inform us for future deliveries whether a supplier’s declaration per delivery (§ 61 UZK-IA) is desired. We will then check each case individually.

Please remember that packaging materials are not subject to customs duties and therefore you do not need a supplier’s declaration for your packaging.

We schedule production so that we can ship to you immediately afterwards. If you require earlier delivery than originally agreed, we will make a note of this and contact you if our production processes allow this.

On our premises, delivery or loading is possible from 08.00 – 16.00 (CEST). Should you wish to arrange different times, please contact us.

In a company that operates sustainably, we generally favor sending invoices digitally by e-mail.

We are sorry, we do not buy used euro pallets.

We do not manufacture wooden euro pallets. If you are interested in a solution made of paper honeycomb pallets that can replace Euro pallets, please feel free to contact our customer service.

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