Sales regions of Yamaton Group

Sales regions of Yamaton Group

Yamaton Group

Yamaton Paper GmbH is part of the Yamaton Group.

We as Yamaton Paper with our location in the north of Germany are the contact point for our customers from Northern, Western and Central Europe.

Our sister companies, Yamaton Ltd. and Amicotube Ltd. have their headquarters and production sites in Israel and supply customers around the Eastern Mediterranean.


  • we believe in contributing to a more sustainable cycle with our solutions
  • we produce for you at 4 locations on 28,000 m²
  • we offer secure jobs to more than 220 employees – and the trend is rising
  • we offer our solutions to more than 1,350 national and international customers
  • we are experts in the production of honeycomb cores / honeycomb, honeycomb panels, paper pallets, corner protectors, edge protectors, packaging and transport solutions, custom die-cutting solutions, special packaging and paper tubes

Production location Rostock

Production location Israel

Yamaton Paper GmbH

Schutower Straße 3
18069 Rostock

Phone: +49 381 – 66 917 11

Yamaton Ltd

Kibbutz Ga’aton
2513000 Israel

Phone: + 972 4-9859764


Kibbutz Ginegar
3658000 Israel

Phone: + 972 77-7449999