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Yamaton Paper GmbH is a manufacturer of hexagonal honeycomb boards and all honeycomb board packaging solution and is located in Rostock northern of Germany. We are close to the Rostock harbor and therefore also have a good connection to Northern Europe and other Baltic states. Since its founding in 2000, we have been supplying not only large parts of the European Union, but also Switzerland, Norway, Tunisia and Turkey.

Our paper honeycomb boards are environmentally friendly and are 100% recyclable. No other material offers such high durability in relation to the product weight. Packaging made of wood, plastic or foam is a thing of the past for environmentally conscious enterprises.

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Our product portfolio includes versatile protective packaging and paper honeycomb pallets that can be 100% recycled and successfully replace wood, plastic or foam packaging solutions.

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Following sustained growth in recent years, Yamaton Paper GmbH invested in a new and modern production site and relocated the entire production facility within Rostocks at the end of 2018. Now more than 50 employees are working here on a surface of 7500m² to tailor quality products according to customer requirements. In addition to its own quality and quality criteria such as ISO 9001: 2015 or the FSC® (FSC® C141400) certification, the company relies on good and cooperative partnership with logistics partners, service providers and institutes such as the Fraunhofer Institute.

The low complaint rate of less than 3 percent speaks for itself: Yamaton products are delivered in agreed quality. And precisely because the products are not standards but are made to customer specifications, it is important to be able to rely on a good service.

Consumers across Europe think cartonboard the most environmentally friendly form of packaging.

Consumers across Europe think cartonboard the most environmentally friendly form of packaging.Due to our many years of experience, our customers appreciate us as a competent partner when it comes to developing new packaging or implementing their ideas. After almost twenty years of expertise in honeycomb technology, we still see new fields of application for paper honeycomb panels, be it in the packaging or as core material. For ecological reasons, the plates are increasingly being used as substitution of wood-based materials, e.g. used for pallet covers or as a substitute for EPS or foam cushions.

A resource-saving, green packaging policy is increasingly coming to the fore for companies and consumers. The generation of the future reminds us of our tasks in today: think & act green.