Stamping plates

With our die-cut Honeycomb boards, Yamaton offers customers an environmentally friendly alternative to other packaging options, such as foam packaging. We have the possibility to produce small, as well as large protective padding out of honeycomb boards. In the textile industry, for example, our paper honeycomb boards are used for storing and transport of yarn reels.

The die-cut boards are provided with correspondingly large holes in order to ensure stability on the pallet. Our die-cut boards have been successfully implemented in the glass, automotive, machine, furniture and foil industries.
Your product protected is Yamaton’s goal.

The advantages

  • Light and yet stable
  • Fully recyclable via Interseroh or Resy, since 100% paper / glue
  • Easy and safe handling
  • High compressive strength and / or very good surface finish effect, especially for high duarbility
  • Multi-path operation possible
  • No risk of injury to the employees (nail, splinter)
  • Low tool costs
  • High energy absorption
  • No export restrictions, since 100% “wood-free”
  • Alternative for foam packaging

We offer our customers:

  • Technical support
  • short delivery time
  • Low tool costs
  • Small batch sizes – but also large quantities

Examples of honeycomb board implementation thus far:

  • Glass industry
  • Automotive
  • Machine and equipment parts
  • Electronic products
  • Furniture
  • Plastic articles
  • Polimer film and yarn

Application examples

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