Paper honeycomb pallets are an alternative to conventional pallets with a significant difference in weight. Compared to a pallet made of wood our pallet weighs up to 75% less. Due to the weight reduction, our pallets are often used in the airfreight and at the same time due to the import restrictions of the IPPC regulations, for example. Because of the special structure of the paper honeycomb material, the paper honeycomb pallet deck is very stable and has a high compression strength. The pallets can be designed up to a surface load of 1000 Kg.

Papierwaben Paletten von Yamaton Paper GmbH. Verpackungslösungen aus Papier.

Depending on the design, the pallets are also suitable for use on conveyors (chains/rollers/belts). Our pallets have found successful implementation in the furniture, window and door production industry, as well as in the frozen-food industry and as display pallets. Paper pallets can easily be made in any desired size and shape.

Palettes markings

H9/10 Four way handling pallet with Honeycomb board feet
H/10 Two-way handling pallet
H/P Four-way handling pallet with plastic feet for wet surfaces
H/E Four-way handling pallet with double U-profile / sleeve-skid
S/K Skids and self-adhesive runners
D/P Display Palette
F/P Pallet with corrugated board covering and runners made of honeycomb material mainly for the furniture industry
ICP Four-way handling pallet with 2 transversally (cross flute) glued decks made of corrugated board
IHP Four-way handling pallet with honeycomb core deck

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