Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find questions and answers about Yamaton packaging, Honeycomb products and our services. Should there be any further questions do not hesitate to call us or contact us by mail at customerservice@yamaton.

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Do you also produce corrugated cardboard boxes?

We only produce paper honeycomb panels products, based on the unique “hexagonal” shaped cells structure. In addition, we offer edge protection products made of paper as well as combined products from both processes, such as box systems.

What are your standard sizes?

We produce our products according to customer specific wishes. A classic ‚standard‘ does not exist.

What are your minimum purchase quantities?

Our minimum order quantity for an order is:

– 100 m² for our honeycomb products with a brown top layer
– 500 m² for our honeycomb products with a white top layer
– 1 pallet for our edge protection (packing height of the pallet: at least 80 cm and maximum 150 cm depending on the nature of your desired product)

How does your goods behave when exposed to moisture?

Because our products are made of paper, they are vulnerable to wetness and moisture.

Can I load a honeycomb board punctually?

Our boards can only be loaded on the whole coverage, that means the weight should be spread over the whole board.

Is there a maximum weight load on a board?

Here we can not give you the one and only answer. Surface load capacity and flexibility of our board depend on the desired compressive strength and bending stiffness. Those vary depending on the combination of the raw materials in use. We have honeycomb boards with different cell sizes and cell heights as well as various cover layer papers / liners in stock and combine them according to your wishes. A few more technical details can be found under the heading “Specifications & Data Sheets“.

How do you punch the boards?

Part of the contact talks is also to discuss your customized punching tool, which can punch the desired shape into boards. In this case, one-time tool manufacturing costs accrue for you. This customized tool will be solely available for your products.

Do you have something similar in stock?

Due to the custom made products, we do not produce in stock and do not hold a warehouse.

How long do you need for an offer?

We process your request immediately. You receive an offer, depending on the complexity, on the same working day but at the latest after two working days.

How fast will I receive an order confirmation from you?

Depending on the time of receiving your, it is our concern to schedule your order confirmation within a time frame of one to two working days.

Can I get a hand sample?

No problem: we are happy to send up to two A4 size samples, so you can get a feeling for our products.

Can I get a larger number of samples for testing purposes?

Of course, we record the number of your desired patterns and charge you a lump sum for the number of your desired samples.

How do you send the invoices?

In a sustainable company, we favor the sending of invoices by e-mail. However, at your explicit request, we will continue to send by letter.

What are your delivery or loading times for goods?

On our premises delivery or loading is possible from 08.00 – 16.00 (CEST). If you want to arrange different times, please contact us.

Where do you source your raw materials?

We source our raw materials from qualified suppliers in and outside the EU. If you are planning the onward shipment of your goods to other countries, please do not hesitate to contact us for our original material and possible effects on your export.

Is your product FSC® certified?

We are a FSC® certified company (FSC® C141400) and use the FSC® transfer system. For the production of FSC® certified materials we only use FSC® raw materials or pulps and do not mix with non-certified materials. Since our production is carried out order-related, you should explicitly state the wish for FSC® certified goods before the order is placed.

Can you deliver earlier than agreed?

Your orders are planned in the way that they are shipped directly after production. Should you desire and earlier delivery than agreed, please let us know and we will record your inquiry and contact you if production processes permit an earlier deliviery than agreed.

In which countries do you deliver?

We deliver our products to the EU and EFTA (European Free Trade Association).

Do you offer your goods free house?

We offer our goods either as DAP (“Delivered At Place”) or as FCA (“Free Carrier”) according to current Incoterms / international trade terms.

Can you also send the goods neutrally?

No problem: the delivery note and the pallet certificates can be created neutrally by us. Of course we can also use your documents on request.

Do you have a preferred carrier?

We work closely togehter with a long-term partnership carrier. In addition, there are other logistic partners to ensure that we are able to deliver your products across Europe.

Do you buy Euro pallets?

No, we do not buy used Euro pallets.

Do you sell Euro pallets?

We do not produce Euro pallets. If you are interested in a paper honeycomb solution that can replace a Euro pallet, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.


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