EasyBox & YamaBox

Two packaging boxes with two different folding/assembly methods. While the Easy Box can be folded and stowed easily (as the name suggests), a plug-in function with the Yama Box allows the use even greater box dimensions . With the Easy Box, materials are packed from the above whereas in the case of the Yama Box where all of the walls can be removed, materials can be packed from all sides as well as from the top making this type of packaging very popular as archive storage. Both solutions are easy to use, light and are in no way inferior to their wooden counterparts.

In addition, due to the light weight honeycomb composition of the boxes, this type of packaging offers extreme savings when using air freight where all type of wooden packaging only increases the total freight cost of the materials packed. Both types of boxes can also be equipped with allowing pallet handling of the boxes without having to use pallets as such. The folding/assembly function of these solution allows for space saving of the packaging itself while in storage or transport.

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