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Yamaton GmbH is located in northeast of Germany in Rostock on the Baltic sea. Yamaton is the only factory of its kind in Germany. We serve large part of the European market including Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Swiss, Austria, Czech Republic and Poland.

Our sales forces have more than 20 years of experience in the packaging and honeycomb market in Germany and Europe.

Our honeycomb paper products, the paper pallets, the honeycomb spacer and the hoeycomb board are environment friendly and can be fully recycled. They replace successfully other product from wood, plastic and foam type’s material. No other material allows such high rigidity to weight ratio.

Yamaton is specialized in giving costumers solutions according to the market needs. We are sensitive to the costumer willing and therefore we develop new solutions to the market. That is the reason why Yamaton is growing consistently in the market.

Yamaton is a part of an international group. That includes a corrugated board manufacture, a machine factory and a honeycomb - paper company. This group has a lot of know-how and experience in the world of paper product market as well as research & developed abilities.

The other companies in the group are: